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Online Quran Classes for Kids


Every parent wants the best for their children in this world and the afterlife. Parents can give their kids about the Allah Book which is the most valuable thing. We all know that the best time to learn anything is when you are young because the lessons stay with you lifetime.

Nowadays finding quality education for our children is a top priority. Online Quran classes for kids have become a popular choice for parents when it comes to instilling strong moral values and religious growth . We understand the importance of a well rounded Islamic education for children at Quran Tutor. With our experienced teachers team we offer the best services for learning the Quran and helping your child to start on a journey of faith, wisdom and personal growth.

Special Online Quran Classes for kids

Our online Quran course is designed specifically for kids who are just starting their Quranic journey. No matter what your child’s current level of Quranic knowledge is but we have a program to suit their needs. Teachers use interactive and fun teaching methods to make learning the Quran enjoyable for your kids in our Quran classes for children. Our goal is to keep them engaged and excited about learning the word of Allah SWT.

Our teachers are skilled at keeping your child focused during lessons and teaching Quran and Tajweed (proper pronunciation) in a step-by-step manner. We make it so simple that even a 4 year old can hold these rules easily. We aim to provide your child with a positive Quranic experience that will instill a love for Quranic studies and dedication for the future.

What will kids learn in these Online Quran Classes?

In our Quran programs for kids they will learn a variety of important topics:

  1. They will learn how to pronounce Arabic letters accurately just like native Arabic speakers.
  2. Kids will become proficient in reading the Quran with ease and fluency.
  3. They will master all the rules of Tajweed and ensure they can read the Quran correctly and smoothly.
  4. Kids will also learn how to recite the Quran and work on memorizing it (hifz).
  5. They will practice effective techniques for hifz to achieve quick results.
  6. Regular testing will help them improve their understanding.
  7. Additionally they will gain a basic understanding of the meanings of Surahs (chapters) to aid in faster Quran memorization.

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Kids Quran Learning?

Regular Progress Updates:

We provide parents with weekly reports on every child’s learning journey. These reports include:

  1. Identifying mistakes made in lessons.
  2. Offering guidance on correcting recurring errors.
  3. Assessing overall behavior and participation.
  4. Outlining a plan for the next two weeks.

Parental Tracking:

Parents can easily monitor their child’s progress through a digital opening where they have their own account. This feature allows them to stay informed about their child’s development.

24/7 Availability:

We make sure that time differences are no obstacle to learning. Our dedicated teaching staff is available 24/7 to accommodate your child’s learning schedule.

Quran Tests and Competitions:

We organize competitions to assess and reward the abilities of our young learners. This motivates them to stay on track and achieve their goals.

Expert Quran Tutors:

  1. Our teachers undergo rigorous selection processes and ensure we have the best online Quran tutors for kids who can effectively engage them.
  2. Our team includes highly qualified and certified Quran tutors.
  3. These native Arabic speakers are fluent in English and possess extensive knowledge.
  4. We hire trainers with positive feedback, 5-star ratings and appreciation from young students.
  5. Our tutors employ modern technology tools like 3D visuals, PowerPoint slides and educational games to create engaging lessons.
  6. They are well prepared to teach preschoolers through interactive sessions and activities.
  7. Our tutors know how to make learning age appropriate and enjoyable.

Learn More About Our Experienced Qutan Teachers

Well-Structured Curriculum:

You will receive a well structured plan for all three courses and allow you to choose what your child learns. This plan includes details on the syllabus, timetable, tests, revisions, activities and competitions. You have the flexibility to select the content that suits your child’s needs with a clear roadmap for daily, weekly and monthly learning goals.

Affordable Fees

We want to provide top class Quran teachers and excellent online Quran teaching services for children at prices that won’t break the bank. Unlike many expensive educational institutions our Quran classes for kids are a more budget friendly choice while still offering great learning opportunities.

Benefits Of Learning The Quran For Kids

The Holy Quran is a wonderful guide for everyone. It shows us the love, kindness and instructions of Allah SWT. Having this book is essential for a complete better life, especially important for kids. Children need the most guidance they receive during their early years to stay with them forever. So you should introduce your kids to Allah guidance and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the Holy Quran. Help them develop a love for the Quran if you want your children to stay connected to their Islamic roots.

The Quran is a light in a dark cave. If you want your kids to stay on the right path and avoid negative impacts you have to teach them about Islam and the Holy Quran. Their strong connection with the Quran will protect their hearts from darkness caused by negative influences. The Quran serves as a shield for those who respect and cherish it. Imagine the pride you will feel when your kids lead you to paradise because of your good upbringing and your efforts to help them become Hafiz e Quran.

1. Character Building:

When kids read the Quran they learn about being patient, humble and thankful. This helps them become nicer and more positive.

2. More Empathy:

The Quran teaches kids to care about others, especially those who are not as lucky. This makes them kinder and more caring.

3. Doing Better in School:

Learning the Quran makes kids smarter. They can focus better and think more clearly which helps them do well in school.

4. Learning Right from Wrong:

The Quran helps kids understand what is right and what is wrong. It gives them confidence to make good choices.

5. Feeling Calm Inside:

The Quran teaches about being patient and happy with what you have. This helps kids stay calm and handle stress.

6. Better at Talking:

Reading the Quran makes kids better at talking and expressing themselves. This helps them make friends and get along with others.

7. Being in Control:

The Quran tells kids to control themselves and be disciplined. This is super important for being successful in life.

8. Closer Families:

Sometimes the families read the Quran together. This makes families stronger and more connected.

So, learning the Quran is not just about religion but it is also about becoming a better person and doing well in life.


The Benefits Of Learning The Quran For Kids and Online Quran Classes for Kids are huge and wise. From character development to enhanced cognitive abilities the Quranic education has a positive impact on every aspect of a child’s life. By providing them with a strong moral foundation and religious connection, parents can set their children on a path to becoming responsible, compassionate and successful people. Enhance the gift of Quranic education for your kids and watch them flourish in all areas of their lives.

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