Arabic Classes For Kids

Arabic Classes For Kids

The task of teaching Arabic and developing literacy skills in Arabic is a daily challenge for families living in non-Muslim countries. In order to find an Arabic language classes for kids that will enable their children to learn Arabic effectively and quickly, some serious obstacles appear in front of parents. The first and most serious problem is finding a good, skilled native Arabic teacher at an affordable fee.

There is a special Arabic course for kids that helps them improve their Arabic reading, Arabic conversation, Arabic understanding, and Quran recitation skills. Educating their children in Arabic is the best solution to these challenges since it is the dream of every Muslim parent to be in touch with their Arabic roots or the Quran.

Kids Arabic Lessons Online

To provide practical training in writing, reading, speaking, understanding, and communicating in Arabic, this course includes two primary textbook (Noorani Qaida).

What are the benefits of taking an Arabic course for kids?

Through the well-structured course, your child will be able to write, read, speak, and communicate fluently in Arabic after completing the course. All levels and ages are covered, advanced teaching methods are used, and e-learning tools are used for teaching Arabic.

During the first phase of the program, the child will learn the alphabet in its many forms and expressions, followed by reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Through Noorani Qaida course, students will be able to read and memorize Quran and communicate in Arabic fluently by the end of this course.

What Makes Our Online Arabic For Kids Different!

  • Kids’ Arabic classes
  • Kids can learn Arabic online
  • Early Childhood Acceptance
  • An environment that is fun and engaging

Quran Tutorh believes this tactic plays a vital role throughout the entire process of teaching Arabic to children and makes them want to continue learning Arabic.

Native Arab tutors

We offer well-trained and experienced tutors as one of our most important features. Only skilled teachers can improve a student’s competencies. Our native Arab tutors can teach Arabic in an interactive, joyful, and easy way to kids.

Study plans tailored to your needs

One of the main factors that distinguish us is that we do our best to make learning Arabic for kids online easier by allowing you to create your own schedule and adjust your available hours any time of the day to suit your individual needs.


Our online Arabic classes for kids course is designed to be as effective as possible in ensuring that your child learns to read, speak and write Arabic accurately and competently. There is no prior knowledge required for this course. If you are unfamiliar with Arabic, you can still take it.

There are no requirements

Discover the perfect opportunity to enroll your child in a complimentary trial class now!. Dive into the world of Arabic learning tailored for kids, right here with us. Our online platform offers a personalized approach, ensuring your child receives one-on-one attention throughout their Arabic learning journey. With a flexible schedule and affordable fees, our high-quality classes are accessible 24/7. Also empowering your child to learn Arabic anytime, anywhere. From multimedia-based lessons for toddlers to structured courses covering beginner to advanced levels. Our curriculum includes Noorani Qaida, Quran memorization, and Islamic studies. Progress is meticulously tracked with regular reports, and engaging exams and competitions further motivate your child’s learning. Join us today and witness the rewarding outcomes of our Arabic language program for children.

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Arabic For Kids: How To Learn It

This Arabic for Kids Course is the best way for kids to learn Arabic! Do you want your kids to learn Arabic? Are you looking for Arabic lessons for kids online?

Arabic For Kids: How To Teach Them

Arabic for Kids Full Track Course offers all aspects of the Arabic Language. While making the learning process fun and exciting for children.

For kids between kindergarten and fifth grade, this is a great way to learn Arabic online. They begin by learning the alphabet, and then are introduced to lessons specific to their age group.

Kindergarten Arabic Lessons

In this course, we are teaching kids from kindergarten to fifth grade the language of Arabic. We work hard to make the process of learning Arabic for kids as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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