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Online Tajweed Course

About The Course

“Tajweed” essentially means improving and beautifying. It refers to a set of rules designed to help pronounce the words of the Quran correctly with their specific characteristics and attributes. When we talk about Online Tajweed Course, we’re talking about applying these rules while reciting the Holy Quran, just as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. It’s about reciting the Quran in a way that honors its linguistic and rhythmic aspects.

The Messenger of Allah(PBUH) said:

“The one who is proficient with the Quran will be with the noble and righteous angels, and the one who reads it and stumbles over it, finding it difficult, will have a double reward.”

Importance of Tajweed Rules

Understanding and following Tajweed rules is crucial for Muslims when reading the Quran. It’s not just about reading the holy words but it’s about showing respect to God’s message. The Quran highlights that those who truly believe in its teachings should recite it as it was revealed. Every Muslim has a responsibility to recite the Quran properly using Tajweed rules. This means pronouncing the words correctly and following the way it was revealed. There’s an online Tajweed course available to help with this.

Learning Tajweed is essential because it ensures that you don’t make mistakes in pronunciation or misinterpret God’s message. Tajweed rules help you recite the Quran in the same way it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through Gabriel.By mastering Tajweed, you not only avoid errors but also deepen your connection with God’s words. However It’s like an art of reading the Quran correctly. This not only safeguards the Quran from distortion but also strengthens your faith and understanding of the divine message. So, following Tajweed rules is not just a duty; it’s a way to preserve the legacy of the Quran.

Tajweed Rules:

  • Tajweed is the art of reciting the Quran with proper pronunciation and intonation.
  • It enhances the beauty of Quranic recitation and ensures the accurate conveyance of the intended meanings.
Merits & Legal Ruling of Tajweed:
  1. Spiritual Merits: Tajweed is a means of drawing closer to Allah and seeking His pleasure.
  2. Legal Ruling: It is highly recommended (mustahabb) to learn and apply Tajweed in Quranic recitation.
Rules of Basmalah & Isteaazah:
  1. Basmalah: The proper recitation of “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim” with correct pronunciation and melody.
  2. Isteaazah: Seeking refuge in Allah before reciting the Quran for protection against evil.
Types & Legal Ruling of Lahn:
  1. Lahn Types: Differentiating between clear and hidden errors in pronunciation.
  2. Legal Ruling: Avoiding Lahn is obligatory to maintain the integrity of the Quranic text.
The Articulation Points of the Letters:
  1. Throat: Sounds produced deep in the throat.
  2. Empty Space in the Throat & Oral Cavity: Sounds produced with an open throat.
  3. Parts of the Tongue: Sounds articulated using various parts of the tongue.
  4. Two Lips: Sounds formed by the movement of the lips.
  5. Nasal Cavity: Sounds involving the nasal passage.
The Characteristics of the Letters:
  1. Characteristics with Opposites: Distinguishing between letters with contrasting features.
  2. Characteristics without Opposites: Identifying unique attributes of certain letters.
  3. Heavy & Light Letters: Categorizing letters based on their weight in pronunciation.
Rules of Noon Sakinah & Tanween:
  1. Izhaar Halqi (Obviousness): Clearly pronouncing Noon Sakinah or Tanween.
  2. Idgham (Merging): Merging the sound of Noon Sakinah or Tanween with the following letter.
  3. Iqlab (Changing): Changing Noon Sakinah to a Meem sound.
  4. Ikhfaa (Hiding): Concealing the sound of Noon Sakinah or Tanween.
Meem Sakinah Rules:
  1. Ikhfaa Shafawi (Hiding): Concealing the sound of Meem Sakinah.
  2. Idgham Mutamathilayn Saghir (Merging): Merging the sound of Meem Sakinah with the following letter.
  3. Izhaar Shafawi (Obviousness): Clearly pronouncing Meem Sakinah.
Rules of Madd:
  1. Types of Madd: Recognizing the different prolongations in pronunciation.

Can You Learn Tajweed Online?

Yes, you can learn Tajweed online with Quran Tutors “Learn Quran with Tajweed Online Course” stands out for a few reasons:

  1. Various Courses: Quran Tutors offers a wide range of courses from Noorani Qaida to Online Tafseer. There are separate courses for kids and adults and ensuring quality education for everyone.
  2. Free Trial Classes: Not sure if it’s the right fit? Quran Tutors provides 3 Days free Tajweed classes for you to understand their teaching methods. If satisfied you can choose courses that meet your needs. However The teacher evaluates your level during the trial for personalized lessons.
  3. Skilled and Certified Tutors: Quran Tutors teachers are experts in their fields. They not only teach well but also give detailed feedback on your progress. Fluent in English and native Arabic speakers, they hold Ijazah, a license to teach the Quran with Tajweed, and many graduated from Al Quran University.
  4. Effective Study Plans: The study plans are well-structured, tailored to individual needs. Monthly lectures are scheduled, and at month-end, students receive progress reports. If a class is missed for a valid reason, makeup lectures can be arranged, ensuring no learning gaps.

How to Enroll in the Online Tajweed Course

Step 1: Visit Our Website

Navigate to our official website to access detailed information about the course structure.

Step 2: Course Overview

Read the course overview section to understand what the Online Tajweed Course. Choose the course package that best suits your preferences and schedule.

Step 7: Start Learning with 3 Days Free Trial!

Begin your learning journey by exploring the course modules also participating in lessons and interacting with fellow students.

Support and Assistance

If you encounter any issues during the enrollment process or have questions about the course, feel free to contact our support team at We are here to assist you on your path to mastering Tajweed.

We look forward to having you as part of our Online Tajweed Course community. Happy learning!

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