Madani Qaida Course

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Madani Qaida Course

About The Course

Welcome to our Madani Qaida Course, a comprehensive program designed to help learners of all ages and backgrounds acquire fundamental Quranic reading skills. This course is specially crafted for those who are eager to begin their journey in Quranic recitation and pronunciation. Whether you are a beginner or seeking to improve your Tajweed, this course will guide you through the foundational principles of Quranic reading using the Madani Qaida.

This brief course covers all the important lessons needed to properly read the Holy Quran. The Online Qaida course starts by introducing Arabic Alphabets and guides students to link single letters to joined letters. The exciting news is that we offer free trial classes for the Online Qaida course, allowing students to grasp the course’s requirements and objectives without any cost.

Course Objectives:

The Madani Qaida course is all about helping students really understand the Quran. We want them to get the hang of how the words look and sound, plus some basic rules about how they fit together. Here’s what we’re aiming for:

  1. Proper Reading and Pronunciation: Learn to read and say the Quran correctly using the Madani method.
  2. Grammar and Structure: Build a strong base in understanding how the Quran’s words, sentences, and grammar work.
  3. Tajweed Rules: Grasp the basic rules of Tajweed, like saying Arabic letters right and recognizing their different shapes.
  4. Reading Skills: Improve your ability to read and understand the Arabic in the Quran.
  5. Vocabulary Boost: Get to know common words and phrases used in the Quran.
  6. Confidence Building: Feel confident in your skills to read and understand the Quran.
  7. Context Understanding: Learn about the history and culture around the Quran.
  8. Interpretation Basics: Get the hang of the fundamental ideas behind understanding the Quran.
  9. Preparation for Advanced Studies: Get ready for more advanced Quranic studies.
  10. Love for the Quran: Grow to love and appreciate the Quran and what it teaches.

Why Choose us for learning Madani Qaida course

Our online Madani Qaida course comes with several benefits to make your learning experience easier. First off, it’s super flexible you can learn at your own speed and whenever it suits you, no matter where you are. Plus, you get expert guidance from qualified Quran tutors who really know their Tajweed. They’ll give you personal attention to help you get better at it. The course covers everything from the basics of Arabic alphabets to the rules of pronunciation. It’s all laid out in a way that helps you build a strong foundation.

The learning process is fun too! We’ve got interactive lessons, quizzes, and assessments to keep things interesting and make sure you really get the hang of it. And there’s more than just theory and you’ll also get to do practice exercises. These exercises are like workouts for your Quran-reading skills. They help you apply what you have learned and get better at reciting with confidence.

Teaching Methods in Madani Qaida Course

We make sure learning is fun and effective in the Madani Qaida course. Here’s how:

  1. Interactive Lessons: Mix of talking about stuff and doing activities so you can really get into it.
  2. Quizzes and Exercises: Regular checks to see how you’re doing and help you get better.
  3. Audio and Visual Tools: We use sounds and pictures to help you understand how the Quran works.
  4. Practice with a Pro: You get to practice talking with someone who really knows Arabic.
  5. Learn at Your Speed: Go through the course at your own pace, no rush.
  6. Online Help: If you get stuck, there’s a place online where you can ask questions and talk to other students.

How to Enroll?

Visit our website, Contact us from wherever you want. Our team will approach you and councelling you and suggest the best course that suits you. You can also select our 3 days free trial class to experiance our teachers.

Worried about keeping track of your progress? Don’t be! We’ve got a system that lets you see how far you’ve come. It’s like a map for your achievements. And if there’s something you need to work on, you’ll know exactly what it is. So, join our online Madani Qaida course for a flexible, expert-guided, and interactive learning journey that helps you become a pro at Tajweed.


Q1. When can a child start learning Madani Qaida or Noorani Qaida?

A child can start the course at the age of five, helping them learn to read the Holy Quran correctly from a young age.

Q2. What do I need to do before joining Madani Qaida or Noorani Qaida?

There are no specific requirements before joining the course as it’s open for both kids and adults.

Q3. How can I begin my learning journey?

Simply book two free trials and we’ll get in touch with you promptly to start your learning journey.

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