What Is Ijazah?

Ijazah means to grant permission or narrate via established chains of narrators. It is a certificate that allows teaching and reading the Holy Quran with Tajweed connecting through chains of narrators to Muhammad PBUH and Allah SWT. Ijazah is specifically associated with the transmission of Islamic knowledge. A certified imam or scholar grants permission to learners to receive an Ijazah certificate after completion of the course.

A trained Quran teacher listens to readers to find out their mistakes while reading the Holy Quran. They especially focus to apply Tajweed rules to improve the reading style of the students. We strictly follow rules to improve your listening style by focusing on pronunciation. Become an eloquent reader of the Holy Quran under the surveillance of experienced teachers!

Types Of Online Ijazah Course

There are two types of online Ijazah courses

  1. Ijazah in Tajweed (it helps the students to recite the Holy Quran by applying Tajweed rules)
  2. Ijazah in Hifz (this course is suitable for students who memorize the Holy Quran and recite it after applying Tajweed rules)

The selection of the course depends on the choice of students. You can enroll in the required course to increase your learning abilities. You can visit our website to choose the best teacher matching your requirements. We have certified male and female teachers to serve our students. Our female certified teachers increase the self-confidence of students to ask multiple questions that strengthen their knowledge.

Qirat Style For Online Ijazah Course

We offer an online Ijazah course in the following Qirat style.

  1. Hafs from Asim
  2. Nafi’ (d. 169/785)
  3. Ibn Kathir (d. 120/737)
  4. Abu ‘Amr ibn al-‘Ala’ (d. 154/762
  5. Ibn ‘Amir (d. 154/762)
  6. ‘Asim (d. 127/744)
  7. Hamza (d. 156/772)
  8. Al-Kisa’i (d. 189/904)
  9. The three common Mashhur of Ijazah include:

  10. Abu Ja’far (d. 130/747)
  11. Ya’qub (d. 205/820)
  12. Khalaf (d. 229/843)

What Is Included In Our Online Ijazah Course?

  • 24x7 availability of teachers
  • Flexibility to schedule your classes
  • A free trial session to evaluate the performance and credibility of our scholars
  • One-to-one online classes
  • Male and female teachers for ease of our students
  • Issue certificate after completion of the course
  • Suitable for learners of all age groups
  • No chances of physical abuse
  • Provide relevant study material to increase learning abilities
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Fill knowledge gaps

What Are The Benefits Of Online Ijazah Course?

  1. Ijazah involves the recitation of the Holy Quran without errors or manipulation.
  2. It gives privilege to students the recitation of the Holy Quran in front of others.
  3. It increases your self-confidence in teaching and recitation of the Holy Quran because you are licensed.
  4. Ijazah allows you to become a good Muslim according to the Hadith of Muhammad PBUH.
  5. It allows you to reach the highest of excellence in learning and recitation of the Holy Quran.
  6. It is one of the most accredited degrees to learn the Holy Quran.

Schedule your online classes for the Ijazah course today! Keep visiting our website to find the best online course in the UK!