Quran Tutor is a certified online platform to provide online Quran learning for kids at very affordable rates. We have a team of certified male and female Quran teachers to teach kids at the preliminary level. Our online Quran learning platform is suitable for kids of all age groups. It is suitable for school-going kids to maintain their study schedule along with learning the online Quran. Teach your kids the best Islamic values to make them true believers in Islam!

Our Experienced Tutors For Online Learning

We have a team of experienced male and female Quran teachers who know how to deal with kids. We infuse love for Islamic values and religion in kids to spend their lives according to Allah’s will. The teachers communicate in a very polite manner to attract students for learning the Quran. Our dedicated teachers can communicate with students in their native language including English, Urdu, or other. We use the latest techniques and design unique learning styles for teaching Quran online.

Our well-qualified scholars have decades of experience teaching Muslim brothers and sisters. Our online Quran recitation course is available in your native language including Urdu, English, and others. Our online Quran recitation course is suitable for kids and adults. It saves time and money. Even you can get the best advice from excellent scholars to learn Islam. Become an eloquent reader of the Quran under the surveillance of our teachers!

Accurate Recitation Of The Holy Quran

We focus on accurate pronunciation and identification of Arabic letters. We use phonics and recorded videos to improve the pronunciation of kids. Our interactive one-to-one Skype classes prevent students from physical or verbal abuse that is commonly practiced in traditional madrassah and mosques. Besides teaching the Quran, we assist our students to learn kalmias, daily supplications, short surahs, and other Islamic teachings by heart.

What Is Our Online Quran Learning Strategy For Kids?

  1. Start from Noorani Qiada
  2. Special emphasis on identification of Arabic alphabets
  3. Joining of alphabets to read words
  4. Joining of words to read verses
  5. Accurate pronunciation of letters
  6. Regular revision sessions to strengthen the learning abilities
  7. Make eloquent reader of the Quran
  8. Update parents about the progress of their kids

Why Choose Us?

  • 24x7 flexible schedule for kids’ learning
  • Excellent one-on-one sessions via Skype
  • Use the best techniques for online learning
  • Experienced Quran teachers
  • Availability of male and female Quran teachers
  • Special attention to individual student
  • Affordable prices
  • Excellent communication skills

Please visit our website t register for online Quran learning for kids. Start online Quran learning for kids today to make them true believers in Islam!