The aim of every parent should be for their kid to make an attachment to the Quran, whether this is through memorization or reading. Parents need to improvise and use tricks that make learning easier and also interesting for kids to memorize the Noble Quran. Being Muslim parents, we ever think of doing the best in favor of our children.

To understand the teachings of the Quran, we should read it by heart with proper learning. Hafidh is the one who not just remembers Quranic readings but also serves as a means of educating children.

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Tips for Kids to Memorize the Holy Quran

  1. Allah Almighty has given children an amazing capability to recover and retain information in their minds. Thus, children should start Hifz Quran early so that they can gain advantages of learning the Noble Quran at an early age with better understanding.
  2. Still, also the best solution is to find a professional Quran teacher via the internet to learn Quran online for children, If you're living in an anon-Arabic speaking country and you don’t have enough education or time to educate your children on the Quran.
  3. With Quran recitation, firstly started off reciting to children small Surahs. The shorter verses made it easy for them to follow thereby aiding memorization.
  4. Children need to be familiar with the Quran as this would ultimately make it easy for them to read and even learn Quran.
  5. Professionally experts Online Female Quran Tutor teaches more effectively. Whether it’s Quran online, Arabic online, Tajweed, tafsir, or Islamic Studies Professional expert teachers the literacy process more effective.
  6. Parents should develop the interest of the kids in Quran education. The daily practice keeps the children interested and keeps the boredom down from the kids making sure that every day they pursue the education of the Quran with a new spirit and work their best to meet daily objectives.
  7. The parents should understand that when the kids grow up with the habit of Quran reading and recitation, they will surely depend on Quran as a means of giving them guidance, comfort, peace, and serenity which comes quite handy in the world of today.
  8. Further, It’s one of our responsibility as Muslim parents to raise our kids on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). That’s why they aim of helping our children to learn the Quran is critical.
  9. It’s nearly impossible to say that you should understand the holy Quran when you don't understand the Arabic vocabulary. That’s why learning Arabic for children is important to learning Quran.
  10. Children aren't conscious of what the Quran is and what significance it carries for a Muslim, so Muslim parents must make sure that the kid develops an interest in Quran education.