Islam is the second most practiced religion in the world. Approximately, globally there are more over two billion Muslims. According to researchers, Islam will become the most practiced religion in the world by the end of 2050. The five pillars of Islam include belief in Allah and His messenger (Holy Prophet PBUH), charity, pilgrimage, and fasting. The fundamental concept of Islam is to spend your life according to Allah’s will. There are two major divisions in Islam including Sunni and Shia. However, both sects follow the same belief and spend their lives according to Allah Almighty.

What Is Basic Islam Course?

This course is designed for learners of all age groups. Usually, parents choose this course for their kids for teaching basic principles of Islam. However, we equally welcome reverts and new Muslims to get our classes for strengthening their Imaan and knowledge. Our basic Islam course involves preliminary knowledge for understanding Islam. Our experienced teachers focus on students to fill in the knowledge gaps and make them true believers of Islam. Register yourself today to seek guidance under the surveillance of our certified teachers!

It is convenient for school-going kids to schedule their classes as per their routine. Our teachers are available 24x7 for teaching kids on their flexible timetable. As students are learning via one-to-one Skype classes, there are no chances of physical or verbal abuse during lectures. It is convenient for parents to observe their kids while taking online classes. Our experienced teachers inform parents about the recent progress of their kids. Moreover, we design special revision sessions to strengthen the knowledge of kids.

We have female teachers for teaching our Muslim sisters and daughters. The female students feel more comfortable while learning from certified female teachers because they can ask questions freely. Our teachers can communicate in Urdu, English, or other regional languages to improve two-way communication between students and teachers.

What Will You Learn In Basic Islam Course?

  1. Recitation of six kalmias
  2. ntroduction to five pillars of Islam
  3. Knowledge about basic beliefs of Islam (Concept of Islam, Kafir, Mushriq, Angels, Messengers of Allah, Day of Judgment, Books revealed by Allah Almighty, and Belief in life after death)
  4. Recitation of Imaan Mujamal and Imaan Mufassal
  5. Method and compulsory conditions of Wudhu and Ghusal
  6. Method of offering five obligatory prayers
  7. Learning compulsory conditions of prayers
  8. Differences among Fardh, Haraam, Sunnah, and Makhrooh Tehreemi
  9. Method and compulsory conditions of offering Hajj
  10. Conditions for giving Zakat
  11. Orders about observing fast
  12. Storytelling about lives of prophets

Why Choose Us?

  • A team of certified scholars for students
  • Male and female teachers for kids
  • Flexible schedule for teaching kids
  • Online classes via Skype or other modes
  • Swift communication style between students and teachers
  • No chances of physical abuse
  • Regular revision strategy
  • Update parents about the progress of their kids
  • Affordable fee structure

Make your kids become practicing Muslims with us. Contact us today to teach basic Islam to your kids today. Schedule your online classes under the guidance of our certified teachers.