Quran Tutor offers dynamic online Quran translation courses by highly qualified scholars in UK. Our sophisticated scholars are trained to develop a sound understanding of Quranic verses. This course is suitable for kids and adults. There is no discrimination of age, gender, or ethnicity for registering online Quran translation course.

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We have a team of female and male Quran tutors to serve our Muslim brothers and sisters. Our sisters and daughters feel comfortable asking multiple questions from their tutor. Each verse of the Quran has multiple meanings. The accurate interpretation of each word is very important to determine the meaning of Allah’s message.

Learn the meaning of Allah’s message to spend a meaningful life!

We start from a basic level. Initially, we teach Arabic grammar rules to learn the meanings of individual verses. After that, we inculcate Tafseer and Tajweed rules to expand the vision of the learners. The learning strategies are designed by keeping in view the mental capabilities of the students. Moreover, we also offer advanced learners courses to enhance their knowledge.

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We regularly update students and parents about progress reports. Moreover, we conduct weekly revision sessions to strengthen the knowledge gap between students. Our learners get a certificate after completion of the course. Be a certified online Quran learner to spend your lives according to Allah’s will.

What Is Included In Our Online Quran Translation Course?

We fully customize the online Quran translation course as per your recommendations. This course includes:

  1. Online Quran translation with Arabic grammar only
  2. Online Quran translation with short Tafseer and Arabic grammar
  3. Online Quran translation with detailed Tafseer and Arabic grammar

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly qualified tutors for online Quran translation course
  • Word to word interpretation of Quranic verses
  • One-on-one online Quran classes via Skype
  • Offer online Quran translation course in Urdu, English, Punjabi, or other native languages
  • Perfectly designed course for adults and kids
  • Offer market competitive rates

It is recommended for you to take basic Arabic classes if you cannot read Arabic properly. Please visit our website for registration of an online Quran translation course.